Mistress Marta

Marta Mistress

I am Marta Mistress, an experienced lifestyle and ProDomme, who has spent years perfecting the true art of both mental and physical domination. I would like to describe myself as an assertive and highly sexual and seductive dominant woman. I enjoy teasing in various scenarios and feeding my mind and body with sensual and erotic gratification. I evolved from a young and naughty adult, towards the sensual dominant Mistress that I am today, by seeking pleasures of life in various forms. I have a sadistic twist to my nature. But I also have an exceedingly creative mind, which sometimes takes me to places I didn′t even know I could reach.

I am sensual, captivating, dominating, powerful and very intelligent, and I incredibly good at bringing you to your knees to accept your fate and destiny in submitting to me. Getting inside your mind is my specialty, and always with an air of mystique, I will show you the way to your new role of my sexual slave. I will make you WANT to serve me, even NEED to serve me. I specialize in finding what works best for you and showing you new kinds of sensation and pleasure. It gives me enormous satisfaction to explore your mind, find out what really turns you on, and become a part of your strongest fetishes and desires.

Goddess worship, submissive servitude, bondage and discipline, foot-fetish sessions are among my favorites; I adore stockings, stiletto shoes and boots, love to wear leather and latex for you. Sessions with me are erotic, sensual and strict. As an experienced Pro-Domme, I will always adapt them to the level of experience and fantasy that you desire and are ready for, and as we learn more about each other I will lead you ever more deeply into your imagination while testing and extending your limits.

Once you have sessioned with me you will realize that you have found the Dominatrix Goddess you have always dreamed of. How do I know this? Because my worshippers tell me so.

  • I absolutely love to turn you on and dominate you with my mind and my beauty;
  • I love to make you mine and have complete control of your mind and your body.
  • Being served, obeyed and worshipped is the passion of my life.
  • I adore to take over and embody your fantasies, sharing them with you and making them real for both of us.